very thai

about hed

Hed means ‘to make’ in the Isan (Northeastern Thai) dialect. It reflects the true form of action that follows what one believes--in our case, bringing the unique Thai dining experience that is hard to find in the United States.

Verythai is our concept of serving local regional dishes in Thailand, with different textures and a balance of flavors to represent the Thai eating culture in one meal.

Khao gaeng is a typical way of eating a perfect meal in Thai culture. Within one single meal--and oftentimes with only one plate--you get to taste different dishes with flavors and textures that complement themselves. Rice sits in the center as main, and a small portion of 2-3 stir-fries, soups, curries or fried items are served alongside. Hed presents this unique culture with our tri-color rice from Thailand, an appetizer, a stir-fry, a curry, a fried item, a variety of sauces and thai dessert.